Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Polish Days: Glitter Sandwich using Ciate - The Glossip and Color Club - Platinum Record

Hello everyone, yes I do still exist! I have been taking a bit of a break from posting as not really feeling up to it lately, this crappy weather is not helping. 

Anyway I've decided to participate in another of the Polish Days set up by Hannah from Polly Polish, and todays challenge is a glitter sandwich.

 For the manicure I used a coral jelly by Ciate called The Glossip, and filled it with Color Clubs Platinum Record, which is a glitter packed polish sent to me by Bridget of Polish, and Make-Up, and Cars, Oh My! The colours are accurate in the bottle picture below but I have no idea what happened in the actual manicure pictured as they seem very orange. My camera does not like the lamplight I use!

This is actually a triple decker sandwich, with two layers of The Glossip, one of Platinum Record, another of The Glossip, another of Platinum Record followed by a final layer of The Glossip. I finished with a final layer of Color CLub clear polish to smooth the surface.

I liked the triple layer effect as it gave the manicure a lot more depth, and think I'll try with more colours in the future. 

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Thankyou for looking everyone, and if you want to see anything in particular from me to get me back into this blogging business, I am very open to suggestions!! xxx 


  1. I love the sandwich! Great idea with the triple decker! It has even more depth this way. I added your link to my post.
    I miss your posts! You should really post more often! Even if it's just swatches, I still love them!xx

  2. Looks lovely Esthet:). How about asking you daughters to each select a polish for you to post, their favourite or the polish that most makes them think of you? Beyond that I'd like to see your top five all time favourites!

  3. And clearly I cant type on my iPhone!!!:)

  4. I love the layered effect Esther, its beautiful.
    I absolutely love your manicures, your nails always look amazing.
    Sending you a big hug to cheer you up a bit lovely lady.

  5. Those two look good together! Next time I do a jelly sandwich I will try the triple decker as well :)

  6. Itlooks lovely! Glitter never lets you down, and i must say this glitter effect was something unusual about, but in a good way!!!
    I hope you feel better soon, and the weather will be better (i hope at least)!!!
    Why not dig deep in your nailpolish stash to find a good old friend of yours which you haven't used in a while? I always get positively surprised when i find a product i really like but haven't used in a while!!/Azure

  7. I have nominated your for the Versatile Blog Award, check out my post here for directions.


  8. Oh wow, this is such a fab look! Love! xx