Monday, March 19, 2012

Carmine Beauty box - February.

Hello all, I have missed out posting about the last two Carmine beauty boxes due to not having enough time over the last couple of months, in fact posting levels were way down in Jan/Feb but I hope to recitfy that. 

I don't know if any of you have started getting these beauty boxes but for me they are a great way to try things you may have wanted to, but got distracted by other things ( nail polish!!). Febuary's offering was no less exciting than the others and these were the products in the box:

As well as the usual five items, there was a free Yardley 'Peony' perfume sample thrown in. I have tried it a couple of times, it's a nice smell but reminds me more of Lily of the Valley flowers than peony but maybe it's just my nose, as I hardly wear perfume!

First in the box was a travel size White Glo toothpaste, an extra strength whitening one apparently formulated for actors and models. I passed this toothpaste straight onto my husband as nothing, NOTHING will take me away from my beloved Euthymol toothpaste. He has yet to use it but when he does I will see if I can tell any difference to his teeth and let you know! 


Next in the box was a sample size lipstick from Italian brand Diego dalla Palma. I know these are available in Tesco's but having had a look online I think it may be a different type of lipstick on sale than the one here (on Tesco it is Pop Art Lipstick priced at £14) but this looks to be an Il Rossetto style lipstick and so am unsure of full size price for this item.

I received in the box the colour No.42 (unfortunately totally unsuitable for me), a sort of browny rose-gold colour. It did nothing for me so didn't even take a proper picture, however you can see a heavy swatch below. It wore for about 3-4 hours before I needed to re-apply again. There looks to be plenty of other colours though and I know that colours can vary in pigmentation, so would be interested to try another, I quite like the look of 39 & 41 in the holder (above).

This is No.42:

Ooh what's this? Another balance Me product? Why yes it is, and I'm super pleased to have this! After discovering the handcream from this brand in the October Carmine box (I'd heard of them but not tried anything), I also decided to try another few items from them in December and got a trial size of this bodywash. 

It was lovely and left my skin so soft and with a lovely subtle rose smell. So I was over the moon to get a full size version. You only need a tiny amount of this and 125ml will last you a long time (priced at £8, also available in 260 ml for £12.25).
Balance Me is fast becoming a favourite of mine as far as skincare is concerned, I also have the Rose Otto lipsalve (amongst other things) which is perfect, not sticky and keeps lips moisturised for a long time. As soon as I have finished up all my cleansing creams/facewashes I will most certainly be trying some their cleansers and will report back.

Below is a pot of cult product Steamcream, a moisturiser made of a blend of essential oils as well as other ingredients. For those who wish to avoid parabens, as it is contained in this, I have seen that only naturally occuring parabens from blueberries and apples are used in this product. It is a multi-tasking cream, suitable for face, body & hands. I can tell by the texture it would be too heavy for my face and I fear a breakout if I try! It is great for my hands and this little pot has been placed in my knitting bag for when my hands get a bit dry from playing with wool & yarn!

The pots come in many limited edition designs and are available from their website priced £12.95 for 75g. From what I can read on the website the company has excellent environmental credentials, (and the cream is vegan for those of you out there who need this option) however I am not sure if ingredients are fairtrade.

Lastly in the box was a full size bottle of Andrea Fulerton nail polish in the colour 'Matthew' (a shimmery pale peachy-pink), these are available from Superdrug priced £4.99 for 5.5ml. I have yet to try this brand myself but have bought it for others and so it was nice to get this!

Rather than do a normal swatch (I'm sure you can find swatches online), I decided to copy the pattern on the Steamcream tin. Although the polish was not exactly the same colour as the tin I thought it'd be fun to do this manicure.

I used from the ever trusty a-england - Excalibur as the silver base and Camelot for the black detail and the Andrea Fulerton for the beige part of the animal print.

I need to do a proper swatch of the polish but I've heard good things about the brand and seen many good reviews, maybe I need to invest for myself! 

So that's another Carmine box out of the way, and nearly time for the next one to be released, I wonder what will be in it.....

Till next time fab followers. xxx 

EDIT: As of 21st March ,2012, Carmine Beauty are no longer in existence having been taken over by Glossybox. Please see the Carmine website for more details.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism - Apocolips lipstick, Fundamental palette & Neutral palette

Hello everyone, back again today with the some items from the Human Fundamentalism collection by Illamasqua. It was officially released today but I had two palettes and a lipstick on pre-order so got mine today in the post. I was quite restrained with the delivery man! (Oh and no nail polish I'm afraid from this collection but did get some lovely polishes today from Mihaela at Lacquer Buzz which I can't wait to show you.)

As well as the makeup I received a booklet with some of the promotion looks and with all the available products, here are some of the images I took photo's of (click to enlarge!):

The one item I most excited about was the teal lipstick named Apocolips, a very beautiful colour that you can see on the model in the picture above. It's very much a 'suit all skintones' shade and I loved it!

YES it's different and NO I don't care if people are going to make comments about me wearing it! I love it and it is so different from the ususal pinks/reds/oranges etc. This was super pigmented as one can expect from Illamsqua lipsticks, I have a few now and no complaints (the only thing that would help is perhaps a matching lip liner for this one).

Below - first picture in sunlight and next two in natural light:

I also mixed Illamasqua Drench lipstick over the top of this to create a deep violet colour so Apocolips is also a versatile mixing colour, but I didn't have time to take a photo.

Two palettes were released, the first here being the Fundamental palette:

The colours are clockwise from top left are - Hype (powder/yellow), Surge (liquid metal/cool gold), Inception (powder/purple) and Bedaub (cream pigment/pale green).

These were all really pigmented but I found the powders took a while to build up. I did a quick look, however I did not use a primer and also used disposable applicators (as I always do when trying something for the first time in case I don't like and want to sell or pass on to someone).

This was more to test the colours and I really need to try again to give a proper opinion. Firstly I used Hype over the lid and then Bedaub from lid to brow and under the eye. I used Inception just above the crease and under the eye over the Bedaub but not all the way to inner eye. Finishing off with a touch of Surge in the corner (oh and a bit of Maybelline Gel Liner and ELF mascara):

I LOVED the colours of this palette, all of them, even the yellow which I normally steer clear of!

The next palette was the Neutral palette, which is pretty self explanatory:

The colours are clockwise from top left: Stealth (pale cream), Vintage (antique gold), Obsidian (black) and Wolf (brown), all powder/matte except Vintage which is powder/shimmer finish.

All colours were really pigmented and applied nicely even with disposable applicators, for the look I used Stealth all over lid up to brow, Vintage on the lid, Wolf on upper crease area (about halfway acroos the eye)and under the eye coming fairly low. I then used Obsidian as and eyeliner and blended to soften the look:

In both eye looks I did, I used Chanel Pro Lumiere as a base.

As soon as I opened the Neutral palette I was reminded straight away of the Sleek Nude/Au Naturel palette ( which you can see by clicking here.

I did quick comparisons between some of the colours for you to see, pigmentation wise they are pretty similar.

Below is Stealth on left versus Nougat (Sleek) on right:

Below is Vintage on left versus Moss (Sleek) on right, slightly different colour and Vintage is a touch more shimmery:

Below is Wolf (top middle) versus Conker (Sleek) on top left - Wolf is less shimmery, versus Regal (Sleek) on top right - Wolf is less purple and finally versus Bark (Sleek) on bottom - Wolf is lighter and touch more purple in colour: 

Finally Obsidian on left versus Noir (Sleek) on right - Noir is darker and was more pigmented and took longer to remove than the Obsidian, however I used one of my brushes to try blending out on to my arm and Obsidian blends more easily.

I think if you are on a budget and don't want to stretch to Illamasqua you won't go far wrong with the Sleek palette, you could mix some of the colours easily to create the Illamasqua ones. Personally for me, I think colour wise the Sleek palette colours suit me better as they are cooler toned and therefore work on my light olive skin. 

The Illamasqua Neutral palette will though, be perfect for taking away on weekends or holidays as you can do everyday looks and also glam up for nightime by building up the intensity.

Both palettes are available from Illamasqua and priced at £30 each, the lipstick is £15.50.
Will you be indulging in any of the new collection at all?  Come on, you all know you want the teal lipstick!! It's gorgeous! xxx

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Collaboration post with Eye Graffiti inspired by Sleek Curacao palette

Hello everyone, today I have something really exciting for you. I have been working on a collaborative post with the lovely ladies Phlox and Azure who do the amazing blog EyeGraffiti. 

If you have not seen their blog before and are a huge fan of eye makeup like myself, head on over their blog and be inspired, but not before you've seen what we have come up with.

We each chose two colours from the Sleek Curacao eyeshadow palette and then came up with one or two looks using them, but myself of course, doing nails. I had a good rummage through my boxes and came up with pretty much perfect matches for the colours.


The palette in question:

Here are the colours chosen by me, Blue Hawaiian with George - Smarty Pants and Bloody Mary with MUA (Superdrug) shade 4:

Here are my nails using the colours:

To match the colours, this is Eyegraffiti using Blue Hawaian and Bloody Mary. First out is Phlox! How stunning are these looks? I'm amazed!!:

Followed by Azure:

Two seriously talented ladies, I think you'll agree. Do I even need to ask?

Next it was Phlox and Azure's choice from the palette, and they chose as their colours Screwdriver (yellow) and Singapore Sling (pink), and I found to match George - Buttercup Shine and Sinful Colors - Jamboree:

I did the same look so you can see it working in different colors! (Lighting was a bit of a nightmare situation that day, so it doesn't look like a colour match on my photo's, sorry!)


Here is a look using the colours done by Phlox and Azure:

Phlox and Azure also did some fab (understatement!) looks inspired by the polka dots and the girls wore them out. I would be so pleased if I was walking down the street to see amazing makeup like this on people!

First up is Phlox:

Here is Azure's:

I want to say a huge thankyou to Phlox and Azure for agreeing to my suggestion of a post together, I'm sure you'll agree it has been a pleasure to see their work. Now don't forget to take a look at their blog and join up to see further amazing looks and tutorials.

Also I'd like to say a thankyou to all my followers, I have now passed the 200 mark, I never thought I'd get so many in 6 months. *wipes tear*. xxx

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Google Friend Connect.

Hello everyone, I'm sure you have heard about Google Friend Connect being got rid of for non Blogger users. 
If some of you use GFC to read blogs from other hosts such as Wordpress for example: Lipglossiping  you may have found that they have gone quiet, but this is because Google have removed the widget for those non-Blogger sites which allow you to read them.

Charlotte who runs the Lipglossiping blog has put together a list where you can find some of the non-Blogger sites affected, please take a look and see if you follow any.

Here is a link to the Twitter link shown in the image:!/lipglossiping/goodbye-gfc/members 

I think you can manually add the missing blogs to Google Reader, but don't quote me on that!! 

There are also various other ways in which you can follow blogs such as BlogLovin' (the widget for which you can see on the right of my blog). This is just an example, lots of blogs have so many other ways to follow such as Facebook, email etc, so you should be able to keep up with posts on most if not all of them that are affected. 

I should probably do this for my blog, but I'm USELESS with computers, so any tips would be gratefully received!!

Anyway a few of us think that Blogger will do away with the whole GFC thingie to move us all over to Google+ which is not doing very well....

Take care everyone, be back soon with another post! xxx