Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Animal Print manicure using Max Factor nail polish - Fantasy Fire

Good afternoon everybody, I am here with a new post re-creating a look that was done for Max Factor by manicurist Zarra Celik who has worked with some of the biggest names in beauty and fashion, doing manicures for the likes of Erdem and Holly Fulton backstage.

I was sent the products by Max Factor to do the look for myself and I'm sure by now you have all heard about the storm created by Fantasy Fire! It is supposed to be a dupe of the very rare Clarins 230 nail polish, however I couldn't possibly say as I don't have it to compare. But I can assure you that this polish is spectacular in it's own right, shifting from an almost electric purple to green and packed full of very fine red shimmer. LOVE!

Without furthur ado, this is the finished look done by Zarra: 

It's a beautiful animal print manicure, something I have really been experimenting with lately, but this will be my first post featuring the look on my blog.

Along with the Fantasy Fire, I was sent in the kit a black nail art pen, a brush and dotting tool.

I did a base layer of Rococo Nail Apparel in Playgirl, and then three coats of the Fantasy Fire, followed by using the nail artpen to do 'broken diamond' shapes for the animal print. In the spaces I used the dotting tool to put little spots of black and finished the manicure with a layer of topcoat to really give it shine.

This is the finished look in bright sunlight folowed by a couple of close up photos:

I was quite pleased with the finished look and how easy it was to re-create, it didn't take me long at all, and I think I might do it again for a night out in the near future.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire is part of a new limited edition range called Via Tortona and also has Moon Dust, Graffiti, Meteorite and Odyssey Blue in that particular collection.

I have bought all the others apart from the Odyssey Blue which was sold out, but will still be on a hunt for it. These retail at £3.99 for 4.5ml.

Have any of you ladies managed to track them down yet? xxx

Friday, February 24, 2012

My General Nail/Hand care routine.

Hello everyone, sorry it's been a while since last post but I'm back with a rundown of my hand and nailcare routine as requested by Samantha.

I will start by saying I'm not an expert in nailcare, neither am I qualified as a nail technician, however there are lots of fab websites and YouTube videos that you may find helpful. This is just a post showing you the items I use regularly in an attempt to keep my hands looking ok.

Once or twice a week I start off by using a cuticle remover, which just gets rid of any old skin around the nail edges and they feel so nice afterwards! I use Sally Hansen Gel Remover (in most chemists/supermarkets) which you keep on for a couple of minutes and use the non-pointy end of a hoofstick to scrape round, to rid the area of the skin. You have to wash this off as soon as you have done removing the cuticle, so I also use a bit of face scrub at the same time to scrub my hands and leave them soft before moisturising.

I don't tend to file my nails after doing this procedure, as I have washed my hands and only file when they are completely dry. I use one of these files shown below (Dirty Works from Sainsbury's) that has a varied grit on it depending on what you need to do. I should really get a top notch glass one, but with so many out there, I can't decide which one to get. I have heard the Leighton Denny one is good though.

The black side of the file I don't use much really as my nails are quite short and therefore don't need much taking off.

When I do file I do a 'squoval' shape - not quite square (which doesn't suit me) or rounded. I find it quite uncomfortable to have my nails too long so only really allow them to grow just over the ends of the nail (below in photo is as long as I like them). As I file I also turn my hand around to see if they are even (again see photo below) as sometimes if the white part on the tip is a bit uneven it can make your filing inaccurate. A lot of people file with their nail polish on for this reason.

I took this picture halfway through filing, you can see the right and middle nails I have done and are even, but had yet to do the left one. Generally I always file in one direction.

If one or more of my nails has broken to become really short then I take them all down to the same length, I can't be doing with uneven nails!! If I have to take lots off I use nail clippers and go along the nail in small movements and not take it all off in one big go as personally I find this can weaken my nails.

(My nails have recently broken to a very short length and so thats why the lack of nail posts!)

Below is Sally Hansen Nail Hardener, which I've used for a number of years if I don't put colour on my nails, just a thin layer keeps them strong. I did recently try Trind nail repair which I received in my Carmine beauty box but I gave that away, so if any recommendations on any nail repair/treatments would be welcome!

If my nails get a bit peely in winter I rub a bit of olive oil into them and this keeps them supple and moisturised also.

Below is Mavala cuticle massage oil ( from most chemists), it smells beautiful and keeps my cuticles really soft. I've not been using this for too long now, a couple of months and I really like it, so will stick to this I think unless I see any others that look good - so many out there!

In this cute little tin I got for christmas are little pots of cuticle butter, hand salve and foot salve from a company based in Dorset - Filberts Bees.

I'm guessing they are similar to Burts Bees ( which is available to me in my town, but not yet tried) and these do keep my hands nice and soft and the cuticle butter works nicely too, I usually use these ones overnight to let them soak in really well.

Lastly we come to my newly discovered holy grail hand moisturiser: balanceMe Supermoisturising hand cream. I keep this in the bathroom cabinet and put a little bit on to my damp hands after washing to really lock in the moisture. I love this stuff and so glad I came across it.

I hope you have found this vaguely interesting, and should you want to ask me any questions about the items I use please leave a comment below! 

If you want any great advice about nailcare I tend to go to the blog Loodie Loodie Loodie 
where you will find all sorts of great posts about filing and nailcare!

Take care peeps and I should be back into the habit of blogging again very soon!

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Guest Post for the lovely Marta at ChitChat Nails

Hello everyone, I just though I'd give you a quick link to my guest post I did for ChitChat nails blog, I hope you will go and take a look and also spend some time looking at Marta's amazing nails, she does some amazing nail stamping!

Click on this link to be taken to the post: My Guest Post!

Thankyou and I will be back very soon, have been majorly busy!xxx