Monday, November 28, 2011

Comparison Post: Nars Purple Rain and W7 Purple Paradise

I thought I'd do a quick comparison post for you today showing Nars Purple rain and a very close colour to it, in the form of W7 Purple Paradise. I did think a couple of weeks ago that in the bottle they would be dupes but on the nail they are very slightly different.

Tee Dee over at Cute-Tickles has done a lovely post with the W7 Purple Paradise, and I said they were dupes in the comments, which is why I did this post, but lo and behold they aren't, I apologise to anyone who may have thought that they were because of me!

W7's Purple Paradise has a much warmer tone that the Nars Purple Rain which in turn has larger blue shimmer particles and is also much darker round the edges.

From left to right in sunlight - Nars, W7, Nars, W7:

 Left - Nars, right - W7 (in sunlight and close up):

Same again at different angle in sunlight:

At this low angle it is harder to tell the difference between them, left to right - Nars, W7, Nars:

 Under warm tone bright kitchen spotlight, left to right - Nars, W7, Nars, W7:

 In same order in natural light with flash:

In natural light without flash, again same order as previous photos:

In real life the difference is harder to tell than in these photos though, so if you were looking for a cheaper option to the Nars one then why not try the W7, I got mine from Amazon. As far as I know the W7 is not free from formaldehyde, toluene and DBP, whereas the Nars is, so that could be a deciding factor for you. 

Hope this has been of use to you! xxx

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fab Favourites: Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss - Ginger

As part of my blog I have decided to do a new series called 'Fab Favourites' where I show you my favourite beauty products. 

I don't really have any set criteria which my items have to adhere to, they could be products that I've used for years or ones recently discovered that I know I will be using a lot (providing they are not discontinued -  Origins Ginger Touch Massage Oil, I'm looking at you, or would be if you were still about!).

First up which I thought would be great for this time of year is Clinique's range of Superbalm Moisturizing lipglosses. I was chatting to Gill who does the blog  Makeup The Night, about this lovely post on red lip colour she had done: Winter Red Lips 101. We were discussing the best balms/moisturisers for dry lips, and this Clinique Gloss popped up. 

About two or three years ago I developed really dry skin on my lips and it got so sore and bad that even above my lip the skin was starting to crack. It was painful and unsightly and I talked to people with my hand over my mouth as I was really self conscious about it. Various potions from the doctors did not help or made it worse so I just gave up. Even Vaseline made it worse. Then I got a trial size set of these glosses, there were four in the gift pack - Ginger, Currant, Grapefruit and I think the other was Mango?

Well after three days of using these my dry skin disappeared, I nearly cried with joy as I thought I was going to be stuck with this dry skin forever. Even my good friend Caroline will probably remember how upset I was about it. 

Now I'm not the biggest lipgloss fan (or even lipstick that much to be honest), but this is non-sticky. Many other brands I can think of that claim to be non-sticky don't match up to this one. The colour Ginger is my everyday nude colour moisturising balm, I put it on once in morning and maybe in the afternoon if I need to. It's also great before applying lipstick once soaked in, leaving lips soft and flake free. A little leaves a nice sheen or if you want  you can have a bit more for a glossy shine, which I tend to avoid.

I cannot rave about this enough and have even tried Clinique's All About Lips which although nice is not a patch on this. There is also a Superbalm Lip Treatment which I've not tried, but may do in future. Has anyone tried it and the gloss to compare? I'd be interested to know what you think!

Those of you who have tried this gloss may also be a regular user but for those who haven't I suggest giving it a try, a little goes a long way, so a tube lasts a while. 

Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss is available in eight colours and priced at £13.50/$14.00 for 15ml.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nails By Sammy from The Nailasaurus - Exclusive!

Hello lovely followers, I thought I'd do a quick post to keep my mind off feeling sorry for myself with this heavy cold I have. I had some lovely nail mail today, including three more a-england polishes in Lancelot, Tristam and Morgan Le Fay. 
I'm not feeling up to swatching as I keep sneezing constantly so you can see the rest of my nail mail, which I might add is a world exclusive. 

Sammy from The Nailasaurus did me two sets of false nails. They are copies of the nails she did for the 'Inspired by Fashion' day of the 31 day nail challenge, which you can see on her fab blog by clicking: Inspired by Fashion - Michael Kors

Sammy did me two sets, one blackened red and one purple, because yes I love purple!

Here they are:

Aren't they just beautiful? I think I have only ever worn false nails once when I was about 18, and as I like to keep my nails short to avoid scratching my young girls these are a perfect alternative. I will wear the purple ones at Christmas when I go back home to see all my friends and show them off.

The black ones I may wear but will probably keep just to look at, so when Sammy's famous I can say she made me a copy of them! Actually she's already had Michael Kors himself talking about the nails, how cool is that? Famous already!

Have a little look at the close-ups:

The purple nails were done with W7 Purple Paradise, which I have but didn't take a picture of the bottle, and Sammy used a-england's Lancelot for the darker ones. For the original look Sammy used W7 Black.

Could someone recommend me a nail glue to stick these on please as I don't have a clue what to use? When I do wear them I will post some photo's so you can see how they look on.
If you like these and wanted some, I'm sure if you contacted Sammy herself she wouldn't mind making some for you.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Missha - HGR01 nail polish

This my followers is one of the most beautiful polishes I own, I've had it for quite some time now and only now getting round to posting it. After saying I would keep the Calvin Klein polish on, the sun was out and I just knew it'd be cloudy today so I took advantage to swatch it. There are quite a few photo's but it's so lovely you need them!

Missha is a Korean brand that you can't get hold of in the UK, and this came from Ebay. It is also in the most lovely bottle, with a heart shape that is follows on the whole bottle and a nice perspex lid, like this:

For the swatch I did two coats but really could have done with three. The brush is very wide but don't let this put you off - those with a small nail could find a spare brush to use. You can see the shimmer in the photo's and also that it can cause slight brushstrokes but when you're moving hands about no-one can notice!

On with LOTS of photo's!

In sunlight:

In natural light, no flash:

In natural light with flash:


Isn't she a beauty? Missha HGR01 is everything I had wanted Chanel Peridot to be, the duochrome is much stronger in HGR01 than Peridot.

I thought I'd take a couple of photo's with some other not too disimilar polishes including Chanel Peridot, first with flash and then without, and from left to right;

Models Own - Golden Green, Missha - HGR01, Chanel - Peridot and Boots 17 - Fury:

You can also see Missha HGR01 under Sephora OPI Blasted Red

But what you really need to see is that I've actually made Chanel Peridot from a mixture of this Missha HGR01 and Boots 17 - Fury that you can see in photo above:

HGR01 + Fury = Peridot! 

So I hope you have liked this gorgeous nai polish and if you can seek it out do try and get it, not that I'm encouraging you or anything!

I am now off to pop some more paracetamol to ease my sinus pain. Bye! XXX

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Nail Swap Mail!

Hello just a quick post to show you what I received from Sharon who does the blog Behind Green Eyes.

Sharon and I did a swap to help each other out with polishes we couldn't get hold of, I sent LA Colors to Sharon and she sent me Catrice, seemingly impossible for me to find! But not only did she send me the polishes, Sharon also did a beautiful card with FabFingertips cross-stitched on with bottles of polish, look: 

Sharon has shamed me as I didn't do anything this lovely, sorry Sharon, but I hope you like the polishes. xx

These are the polishes I was sent, from left to right- Captain's Sparrows Boat, In the Bronx, Houston's Favourite, Let's Mauve On and Iron Mermaiden.

And I bet you can guess which one you know I'll be putting on first! I have been after the douchrome Iron Mermaiden for a long while now and finally I have it in my mitts. I love the name as it reminds me of my oldest brother who was quite possibly in the 80's and early 90's the biggest Iron Maiden fan ever. I doubt I'll be sad if I never hear 'Can I Play With Madness' again!!

Thankyou again Sharon. xxx

Calvin Klein (ck) Splendid Color nail polish - Bombshell

Well after all those duochromes in the Beetlejuice collection I decided to go for a simple creme polish for this post! Today I'm doing one of my Calvin Klein polishes that I picked up in my hometown of Ipswich, you can see the others by clicking here. 

For the swatch I did one thin layer, another thicker layer and then another thinner layer all topped off with a thick layer of Revlon topcoat. This does still leave visible nail line after two coats, but I dont mind this, so if I were to apply again , I will probably only use two instead of three.

On with the photos's...

Under bright warmish tone kitchen spotlight, no flash:

In bright sunlight:

Inside with no flash:

Inside with flash:

I really like this colour and was debating whether to get a backup, but to be honest I'm pretty sure there are loads of colours out there like this, I was in Boots earlier and I'd say this is a cross between Revlon ALl Fired Up and Revlon Cherries in The Snow, but you could go either way and still be near enough. 

Below is Revlon All Fired Up next to the CK polish, and you can see that it definitely is more pinkish in tone than the Revlon:

Under different light conditions in can range from coral looking to dusky pink, which is why I like it. It's typical that as I wanted to keep this on for more than one day that the sun has decided to pop out, so I'm still unsure whether to get more sparkly polish swatches done....

Nah! I'll keep it on, I put it on yesterday and no tipwear yet. Guaranteed cloud tomorrow. 

Anyway I'll be back with a quick post on what I received in a polish swap from the lovely Sharon who does the blog Behind Green Eyes. I was so excited as she included a polish I've wanted for ages and never been able to find!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection - Emerald Black nail polish

Finally, in the last of the Beetlejuice collection from Models Own is Emerald Black, a very dark green/teal duochrome,with a subtle shimmer. It's very pretty if you are a fan of darker colours, which I am!

I'll start of with a close up to show the shimmer in the dark blackened base (taken with flash in partial sunlight):

The following photo's are in sunlight, a rare moment at this time of the year, however I didn't have time to take any in natural light, sorry! ( bit out of focus too, oops!):

This photo below shows the very dark base which is what it looks like in natural light most of the time, the colour shifts are only really seen in bright light and as such has the least apparent duochrome shift compared to the others in the collection: 

In my collection I have the following darkened greens, from left to right - Illamasqua in Viridian, Models Own Pro in Green Envy, Models Own in Emerald Black (this post!) and Models Own in Peacock Green.

As you can see they are very similar in the bottle (apart from the Pro!) but are actually very different on the nail. These are shown left to right as in the bottle picture:

Another at slightly different angle:

The Emerald Black is similar mostly to the Illamasqua Viridian but with a duochrome present. The Peacock Green ( far right) is much lighter and bluer on the nail, Green Envy is much blacker and has a microglitter finish. Out of the four Emerald Green is definitely my favourite, it's a duochrome and you know how I feel about them!

You can see the others here, just click on name:

So that is all the Beetlejuice collection for you, if you are new here, the last four posts were the rest of the collection, starting with my favourite working in order of preference!

I am hoping for a bit of sunshine tomorrow to do more swatching of duochromes, but until then, thankyou fro reading. xxx

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection - Purple Blue nail polish

Hello! I'm finally back with the last two of the Beetlejuice collection, my computer has been playing up and not letting me do things in Picasa, but think it may be sorted, fingers crossed!

This particular polish is a beautiful duochrome that moves from a pinky purple to blue in a purple/browny base ( think Orly - Galaxy Girl). I found it quite hard to capture the blue that was present but it's easier to see at really low angles in artificial light than in the sun for some reason. On with the pictures for you, and I did 3 thinnish coats for the swatch.

Also there wasn't a great deal of sunlight as it was partially obscured by clouds, so did the best I could, the following ones are under partial sunlight: 

Here's a close up showing the microglitter, which like Pinky Brown is a very grown up sparkly glitter!

 In natural light:

 Under artificial light with flash:

 Under bright kitchen spotlight:

I hope you have liked this one and thankyou for your patience in waiting for the post, I will now crack on with the last of the Beetlejuice for you... XXX