Sunday, December 18, 2011

Calvin Klein nail polish - Madly Mauve

Remember I got those really cheap CK polishes a while back? ( See here! ) Well I finally managed to swatch another one and it's a beautiful duochrome.

This one is called Madly Mauve and is lots of blue shimmer in a plum coloured base, it took four coats to get complete coverage,as it was very streaky. You could probably get away with three coats but it still had slight bald spots. The first coat goes on a very bright magenta pink but build up to the plum eventually. I didn't get rid of this on my nails so you could see nearer the cuticles (and I was lazy!).

Below in natural light:

Under warm tone kitchen spotlight:

With flash: 

Close up in sunlight to see the shimmer:

Two more sunlight photos to show the colour shift, it was actually quite difficult to photo the plum colour as there is so much blue shimmer:

I felt like I had been negelecting my beloved purples a bit lately so had to get one in, I've also swatched Lady Of The Lake by a-england as I was having a bit of a purple morning!

There are still three more of the Calvin Klein ones to show and hopefully will get round to doing these soon, if we have any proper sunshine. I'm going back to Ipswich for Christmas so I may take another look in the shop to see if there are any more bargains to be had, I know I'd quite like to pick up some more of the Sinful Colors.


a-england nail polish - Tristam

Hello again lovely followers, I have finally bought you Tristam from the wonderful a-england - The Mythicals polish collection. I decided to re-do the photos for this as the last ones were only in partial sunlight and therefore not shown to my satisfaction! Also my nails have grown a bit longer so more of the lovely polish to show. 

Tristam has a lovely scattered holographic finish set in a beautiful dark blue/indigo base and looks stunning on olive skin. It's also a very glossy polish and I didn't feel I needed a topcoat with this or in fact with any of the a-england polishes! (Two coats for the swatch.)

Below is in natural light and slightly out of focus to see the holo effect better:

The actual colour reminds me of Parker Quink Ink in the bottles you can get.

I would like to thank Steve at Penbox for allowing me to use this image. If you are in the market for a luxury or vintage pen please check the website out, there are some lovely items there! (Look at the vintage Egyptian mummy pencil  - beautiful!)

On with the photo's, below with flash showing how lovely the blue is in bright light:

A close up under warm tone kitchen spotlight:

Low angle to show the dark blue colour:

Beautiful in the sunlight, the first picture of these is my favourite:

I really like this polish so much, it reminds me of the dark skies over Corsica when I was on honeymoon, it was so dark where we were you could actually see the stars and we saw an amazing meteorite that streaked across the sky for what seemed like forever...

Hope you've liked this polish, and if you don't have it you should really get it, available from the lovely Adina and her online shop: a-england , Adina also has a fab offer on at the moment called Merry Crowns where you can purchase two pre-chosen polishes (Tristam is not included however) in a set and save £5.00, also free worldwide shipping is included. This offer runs till the 6th of January 2012, so you have plenty of time to get some. Thankyou Adina!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Carmine Beauty Box - November/2011

Hello everyone, I'm a bit late doing this review of the November Carmine Beauty box, but here it is! I shall start with a quick recap of some of the products I used in the October box before I crack on with November's box.

Last month's box contained Daniel Sandler Eye Delight which I have not really used much to be honest (but will more so in summer I think), TheBalm's FratBoy blusher which has been getting lots of use, I love it! Also getting tonnes of use was the Balance Me hand cream which has now become my absolute favourite handcream I've ever used, not remotely greasy - LOVE it. 

The Caudelie Sorbet-creme was not too bad having had the chance to try, it eased the dehydration but by the end of the day left me a bit oily, which is a shame as I tried varying amounts to see what the optimal amount might be. Not for me I'm afraid but glad I had the chance to try. Finally there was Trind Nail repair, which although I said I wouldn't use, I caved in to try as my nails were pretty flaky, and it worked brilliantly when used as directed, my nails look good.

Below is this months box:

Contents from left to right are: New CID cosmetics - iPout lipstick in Damson (full size), Cosmetics A La Carte - Brow Ink in Taupe (full size), Neom Organics - Luxury Body Lotion (50ml), Dainty Doll - eyeliner in Night Train (full size) and Lulu's Time Bomb - Flashback Night Cream (15ml).

Normal retail price for these are: iPout - £15, Brow Ink - £22, Neom - £23.50 for 240ml, Dainty Doll eyeliner - £10.50 and Lulu's Flashback cream - £9.50.

Again as with the last box, the value of the products is way above what you pay for the box subscription and is amazing value. The products in this box are all supposed to have links with famous people, apart from Lulu and Nicola Roberts wih her Dainty Doll, I'm afraid I have no idea who the other products are linked to, in the enclosed leaflet it said Adele and Bono, but if someone could futher enlighten me that'd be great!

First up is the lipstick iPout which was a really creamy pinky-nude shade and is not too disimilar to Blushing Nude by Clinique. I had conveniently run out of that by the time this arrived, so was a welcome addition in the box. However for the price, the actual plastic packaging  on the lipstick feels a bit light and cheap and I get the impression you are paying for the gimmick -  explained after this photo: 

The main gimmick for this lipstick is the built in light and the mirror on the lid which allows quick touch ups in dark places with limited light, perhaps a taxi or club. The button to switch on the light is at the base as you can see and the other photo shows with the light on, it's not as blue as the photo suggests. When you use, the stem of the lipstick creates a bit of shadow, but there is certainly enough light to see for quick application.

I'm not sure I'd buy again, but if I were to see a different colour in a shop I may be tempted. I think it's a great idea of you are a big lipstick wearer and are in dark places often enough!

Next in the box was Neom Organic body lotion, you only need a tiny bit of this as it goes a long way and was great at keeping my skin soft and moisturised for the whole day. I would buy this again even though quite expensive,the fragrance is lavender, jasmine and brazilian rosewood. Lavender and jasmine are two of my favourite smells for body products, however this fragrance is more fresh than overpowering. The lotion has no parabens or petrochemicals etc in and this makes it a total WIN for me!

I will do the next two items together; you can see on my eyes below, and so you don't need to have four photos:

I found the eyeliner an absolutely beautiful colour and although Nicola Roberts designed her range for very fair ladies (which a lots of companies don't cater for, sometimes it can be just as frustrating for very fair ladies as it is for very dark ladies), this colour was pefect for my brown eyes and olive skin. I'm a big fan of dark blues on my eyes anyway!

Product wise the eyeliner was a bit hard and I tried sharpening to see if this would make a difference, and warming up in the airing cupboard but it was still pretty hard, however once I got it on, it did not disappoint, weartime was not too bad for the day and was easy to remove.

Along with the eyeliner there was another eye area product - the brow ink. I've been intrigued by these since I saw makeup artist Lisa Eldridge using a Suqqu brown pen in one of her videos, which is way more expensive than this one and harder to get hold of. I believe the reason for the late sending out of November's box was that Carmine wanted to tailor each brow pen to the individual which was a lovely touch. I have mid to dark brows that still need a bit of filling in to balance my long face!

You can see the difference on the brow from the photo above to below (sorry about the colour difference), however I think it may not be the perfect match for my brows, an area I always have difficulty in finding products for.

I would buy the liner again if it were softer in texture (my 35 year old eyes need all the gentle care they can get), as the colour is perfect. 

I'm not overly sure that I'd buy the eyebrow pen again because the nib seemed to soften after the first few uses, you know how felt tips go, and I think this would create thicker 'false hairs' than needed. Also I think it may dry out after a while and so I'm quite happy to continue with a bit of eyeshadow to do my brows.

Tha last item in the box was Lulu's Time Bomb night cream which I have to say I was very impressed with. I used at night as directed and  my skin didn't feel clogged up or dirty at all the next morning. It is surpsisingly light in texture for a night cream which is great for me and my oily skin. My skin felt soft and lovely to touch and visibly improved after a few days. I only needed a tiny tiny amount too. This I would buy again and I thought quite reasonably priced for how much you need but I tend to be a paraben free lady and this is not. If you are ok with these ingredients, you really should get it.

So that was my review for the Carmine November box, I know it's December but I like to give products a few goes before giving my feedback and this was released quite late.

Also this is what I used last months (October) box for, it fits nail polishes in perfectly, I'm afraid I might see a pattern developing....what have we in here? Models Own Beetlejuice, Nubar, Kleancolor, a-england, Sinful Colors, Catrice and ELF.  SInce this photo was taken they've all been moved about and different ones on there now!

December's boxes have started to be sent out so I thought I'd better get a shift on with this review, hope you've liked it and I have to say for the price even though some of the bits I wouldn't necessarily buy again, you can't go wrong for the chance to try products out.

Do any of you subscribe to this box or any of the others out there? I would love to hear what you think! xxx

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Butter London nail polish - Black Knight

Hello everyone, sorry I didn't get this post up as planned the day before yesterday, the last three nights my little girl has had a bit of a chest infection and has insisted falling asleep on me so can't really type and cuddle. 

This is Black Knight, the last of my Butter London nail polishes I have to show you and she is a beauty, I do not exaggerate when I say my pictures do not do this justice. This was originally a limited edition available in the US only but I think demand was so high that Butter London decided to bring over here too and I'm so glad they did. I really need a video with my hand moving to show it off. There are multi-coloured pieces of glitter that also vary in size and shape (see end photo), set in a black base.

For the swatch I did two coats, that was all it took to get opaque, and was surprisingly quick to dry. I put later of Revlon topcoat on as it felt slightly gritty but not too bad. Another thing about the topcoat was that it really enhanced the sparkle.

Below in natural light and with a close up after:

Below a closeup under warm tone bright spotlight, the blue glitter really stands out:

But here are the ones you've all been waiting for, yes those sun ones with full on bling alert! These photo's don't convey how sparkly it really was. For some reason the sparkles remind me of Top Of the Pops from the 80's all sparkle and slightly out of focus to see the shimmer of the spotlights. ( No? Just me then!):

As always with removal of glitters, this was a pain in the backside, which is why I saved till last to swatch that day, the sheer amount of glitter packed into this beauty is what makes it sparkle so much.

Whilst removing you could see the actual glitter better (as the base colour is removed first) and so I took a quick photo - there is hexagonal pink and blue, square pink, silver, green and red-orange, irregular yellow bits and plenty more besides, I couldn't get a better picture with my compact to really show so this was the best I could do:

I think although I might not normally wear black in summer, I'll be wearing this to get the full effect from the sun, the amount of glitter doesn't make it too black anyway and you may as well take advantage of the bright light to show it off!

Having recently been informed that Butter London have taken distribution back to the USA, this might explain why it may have taken me a while to receive these. However you can get Butter London from Powder Rooms if you are in the UK.

Thankyou for reading this and for all the lovely comments on the other Butter London ones I posted about! xxx

Monday, December 12, 2011

Butter London nail polish - All Hail The Queen

My third offering from my recent Butter London purchases is All Hail the Queen, a scattered holographic polish in a taupe/beige colour. For this swatch I used three thin coats to get opaque and like the other polishes I have, I found the formula agreeable. This particular polish also dried pretty quickly which is always a bonus!

The only thing about this, was that in the bottle in certain lights there is a definite pink flash that is nowhere to be seen on the nail. I tried rolling the bottle to see if it just needed a thorough mix but it was still there, you can see it slightly in the photo (in sunlight) below:

I was hoping that it would have a pink flash to this and be slightly duochrome, (oh my, could you imagine a holographic duochrome?), but as you will see below NO.

In natural light, no flash:

Under my warm tone bright kitchen spotlight, it appears a darker brown colour and very shimmery:

The polish is very glossy and I didn't use a topcoat at all. In these following sunlit photo's you can see the holographic shimmer on the slightly out of focus nails:

Due to the subtle scattered holographic finish of this polish I think I would go so far to say that, along with its neutral colour, it would work as an office friendly polish. 

My last Butter London polish is Black Knight which is just lovely!

I hope you have liked the Butter ones so far and look forward to the next one. xxx

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Butter London nail polish - Wallis

This is Wallis, the second of the Butter London polishes I ordered. After seeing this on Lipglossiping , I've really wanted it for a while, but they are pretty expensive at £12 a pop, and so waited till recently to order (good old birthday money). 

It was 75 years ago today that Edward VIII renounced any claim to the throne to marry his love Wallis Simpson -  who this polish is named after. Lynnette owner of Lovely's Vintage Emporium has written a beautiful article in relation to this anniversary and her online vintage shop, which you can view by clicking here

Wallis is lots and lots of dark gold shimmer (microglitter?) in a darkish base. Application was great with it spreading on the nail nicely and being opaque in two coats. As with all metallic shimmer polishes it can look dull in low light but really shimmers in bright light, you'll see in the last photo!

Despite the amount of microglitter in it, this polish is surprisingly smooth and needed no topcoat, unless you want one for longevity though.

Below was under bright warm tone kitchen spotlight and it really gleamed here too:

With flash:

Here are the sunlight photo's, you can see the shine and how much it glow's in the very last one:

( I always find it a bit weird that at certain angles the sun bleaches out the lines on my skin, it looks a bit like I'm made of plastic!!):

Close up in the sun to see the shimmer:

Look at it glow, this photo doesn't really capture it well enough though, I had to make it slightly out of focus to capture the light:

I'm glad I finally have this and don't really have anything similar. I thought maybe that Models Own Golden Green  was alike but you can see from that post it's not.

Do any of you own this and have anything similar?

Next Butter London posts will be All Hail the Queen and Black Knight. xxx