Sunday, November 10, 2013

Still About, But Posting Nail Photos on Instagram!

Hello everyone, I probably wont be able to blog again till early next year and then I can get a new camera and laptop which has also given up! 

However you can follow me on Instagram to see nail photos and other stuff, my Instagram username is the same as Twitter: fabfingertips1 .... So feel free to follow. 


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fab Favourites/Review: Barry M Brow Pen - Liquid Eyebrow Marker in Dark Brown.

Hello everyone, having seen this 'marker pen' by Barry M mentioned in a post by Hannah over at Polly Polish  I knew I needed to try it.  So when browsing in Superdrug the other day, I noticed it was offer at a special introductory price of £3.99 (usually £4.99 for 3ml), and bought it.

I always have trouble finding a good brow product that does not appear too red in colour if a pencil or too green if a marker type product like this, so it wasn't going to hurt too much at this price if no good!

The pen is a shortish chunky shape and easy to control when applying to the eyebrow:

As you can see the nib of the pen is pretty chunky tapering to a fine point which allows accurate application as well as feeling very sturdy.

To show what I mean with it being sturdy I have included a photo of the nib on the Cosmetics a La Carte brow pen (£22.00 for 1.2ml) which you can see reviewed here.

The nib was very long and after a lot of use it has gone very soft and bendy which makes application a bit cumbersome, I honestly don't think I'll have that problem with the Barry M one with it being a bit shorter and tougher.  

Anyway on to the actual product in situ! Below is a photo of my eyebrow with no product on so you can see before and after, although I have dark hairs they are pretty sparse:

Below is the brow filled in very lightly with the Barry M  pen and this is how I would do for everyday, just to slightly define. The nib of the pen has a very fine point and makes surprisingly good hair like marks:

The product is buildable in order to create a much better definition if that is the look you want. Colourwise it look very slightly green in the picture but this was taken with flash and looking at my brows myself in normal light it looked much more naturally suited to my brow colour.

Another great use for this pen, as shown below, is if you fancy giving yourself a beauty spot/mark, you can apply lightly for a paler shade or go over a couple of times to get it quite dark.

So all in all, this a fab product by Barry M, a brand I'm ashamed to say that once I've finished buying the nail polishes, their other (face) products rarely get a look in! Having tried this over a couple of days now and been out and about checking it in different light I can say it is an absolute bargain and also the longevity is great (all day), it doesn't rub off at all but still removes easily with my usual cleanser. Hopefully it will be made available in a couple of different colours to cater for fairer or redhead ladies.

It's going straight into the Fab Favourites section!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Polish Days - Seven Deadly Sins featuring 'Esther's Excess'!

Hello everyone, so today is a Polish Days post with the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins.

I thought long and hard and being the angel I am, it was pretty hard to get an idea what to do and then I scratched the surface of my inner self a bit harder and thought who am I kidding? :-) 

Having wanted to mix a couple of polishes I own together to see what they looked like a few months ago gave me the fab idea of doing the sin of Greed. Only had to look at my vast collection of polishes to realise that yes, I have enough polishes to last a lifetime but still I keep buying them.

But here is the mix I came up with and in honour of Polish Days/Greed have named it 'Esther's Excess' as it was made from a few of my many polishes!

You will have to excuse my very short nails in the photo but they have been pretty poorly lately, having had a reaction to a polish....also my camera is in a pretty poor way too but still no money to buy a new one yet...

Here it is:

 It was much sparklier in real life, once I get a new camera I will swatch it properly!

Here is a close up of one nail, can you guess which polishes I used for this?

Let me know which polishes you think I used to make this in the comments, I will reveal all in a quick post in a day or so with better swatches and don't forget to check out the other ladies partaking in Polish Days too!


Monday, October 29, 2012

I am still alive!!

Hello everyone, just to let you know I am still about but can't really take any photo's for blog as my camera is a bit iffy. It's ok for some pics but for really close up ones they're fuzzy. A good hit to the camera didn't work (unsurprisingly!!) and I'd rather have decent in focus pictures than ones I'm not happy with. Until I can afford a new one probably after christmas, I will not be posting but will still be reading all your posts. :-)

Hope you will hang in there till I can sort something out! 

Cheers Esther! xxx